Reapply for approval

Approval may be renewed, upon request, where Immigration New Zealand is satisfied that the approved promoter still meets the requirements for approval set out below.

What you need to do

Show all evidence Hide all evidence

Cover letter

Provide a cover letter requesting for your approved status to be renewed

Your cover letter should include:

  • a list of all the international performers you have promoted in New Zealand since your previous proposal
  • a list of all company or business names traded under (if applicable since your previous proposal).

How to reapply

Immigration costs

Application cost

There is no application cost for this employer option.



within 28 days

Most applications are currently completed within this time.


Submit proposal

Your cover letter should be scanned and emailed to us at::


Wait for a decision

When we assess your request We look at all the information you have provided from the criteria above.

We may ask you for more information, if It is needed to make a decision about your request.

If granted, approval will be valid for another 4 years. INZ will revoke a promoter's approval where it considers that promoters conduct has created an unacceptable risk to the integrity of New Zealand's immigration or employment laws or policies.


Continue to support applications

Once you have been granted renewed you can continue to support your performers and their immediate support crew as you have done previously.

We process their visa applications as soon as we can.

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