Renew your accreditation

In order to continue utilising your accreditation to recruit overseas workers beyond its current expiry date you should apply for renewal before it expires. You will need to demonstrate that you continue to meet the requirements of accreditation in order to have your application for renewal approved.

What you need to do

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Reapply for accreditation

You must apply to renew before your current accreditation expires

To maintain your employer accreditation, you must apply to renew it prior to its expiry. You can do this by completing an online ‘Employer Accreditation Application’.

Accredited Employers List

To ensure your accreditation does not lapse we recommend applying approximately 3 months before its expiry.

It's cheaper to renew your accreditation than it is to apply for the first time. If you don’t apply for renewal before it accreditation expires, your application will be treated like you’re applying for the first time.

Criteria audit

You have met the accredited employer criteria throughout the whole term of your accreditation

We may request evidence that you continue to meet the criteria for accreditation during an accreditation term. This evidence will generally be updated versions of the evidence provided as part of the original accreditation.

If concerns are identified that you do not meet the criteria, you will be given an opportunity to address these prior to a decision being made on whether your accreditation is revoked.

Revocation of accreditation may occur if:

  • you fail to comply with a request to provide information to Immigration NZ within a reasonable timeframe
  • your conduct creates an unacceptable risk to the integrity of New Zealand’s immigration or employment laws, or
  • you supply false or misleading information to Immigration NZ.

In every case, you will have the right to provide further information before a decision is made to revoke accreditation.

How to reapply

Immigration costs

Application cost

NZD ($) $ 600

You must be a New Zealand employer in New Zealand to apply. If you fail to apply for renewal before it accreditation expires, your application will be treated like you are applying for the first time and you may be charged the full fee. You can pay for your application online by Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay.



within 4 months

90% of applications are currently completed within this time. Timeframes are in calendar days.


Reapply for employer accreditation

Submit your application to us online together with the associated fee and supporting documents.

To make sure your application is processed in time, It is a good idea to reapply 3 months before your current accreditation expires.

Receiving centre details

Receiving centres handle the administrative, non-decision making activities surrounding the lodgement of a visa application. The information here is a guide only. For the most up to date and accurate information please visit the the website as listed below.

Payment methods

Credit Card
You can pay by Visa, MasterCard or UnionPay credit card.

Debit Card
You can pay by Visa, MasterCard or UnionPay debit card.


Phone enquiries
Monday to Saturday
06:00 to 24:00

Closed Sunday


Wait for a decision

Before we make a decision about your application, we may:

  • consult with unions and other government agencies
  • ask for you more information
  • ask to visit your worksite
  • ask you to attend an interview.

If we approve your accreditation application We include your name on the 'Accredited Employers List' if you have given approval to do so in your application.

Accredited Employers List


Continue to offer employment

Once you renew your accreditation you can continue to provide job offers to candidates.

Note: Please ensure you have read & meet the detailed criteria before applying.
You can view the sample Accredited Employer Application form before applying.

Accredited Employer Application

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