Hire a candidate

Explore the visa options and employer schemes available to hire a candidate, and the steps to support a candidate's application.

Check a candidate's visa status

Support a candidate's visa application

While the application process for most visas is led by the candidate, you will want to have met all your obligations so your potential employee can start working for you as soon as possible. This section has more detail about the requirements and conditions of various visas, and what support you can give to help your employees with their visa application process.

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Options for repeat / high volume hiring

If you frequently hire migrants or have many positions to fill, there are several options for streamlining the visa application process.

Hiring in Canterbury and Queenstown

If you are looking to recruit workers for a role in Canterbury or Queenstown, the process may be a little different.

Hiring a migrant who is already in New Zealand

Before you hire a migrant you must check their visa to find out if they can work for you. It depends on the type of visa they have and their personal situation.