Student visa holders

Many students can work part time while they study and work full time during breaks. Find out how to check if they can legally work for you.

Check if a student can work for you

It is your responsibility to check that a student can work for you and for how long.

The quickest and most reliable way to find out is to use our online tool, VisaView. It is where we hold searchable information about the work rights of every international student in New Zealand.


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When a student applies for a job

Ask the international student for their passport and their eVisa approval letter. Check the expiry date of their visa. They can only work for you if their visa is current. You can make a copy of their visa for your records.

There is information in their eVisa letter about their entitlement to work. The information will match the information in VisaView.

Hours students can work

Many tertiary students can work up to 20 hours a week while they are studying and full time during the holidays.

Working on a student visa

Working after study

After a student has completed their studies they may be able to work in New Zealand if they can get a work visa.

The most common type is a Post-study work visa. Depending on the level of their qualifications, they can work for 1, 2 or 3 years and for any employer.

Post-study work visa

If a student is already working for you

If you want a student to keep working for you after their student visa expires or they complete their studies, they must have another valid work visa, such as a Post-study work visa.

Further information

Our information sheet provides help if you are planning to hire graduates and students. Job applicants may provide this guide to you with their CV.

Information for employers on hiring international student graduates PDF 247KB

Being a good employer

All workers in New Zealand — citizens and migrants — have the same rights.

Complying with immigration and employment law