Travelling overseas to recruit

Some employers prefer to travel overseas to meet and recruit prospective candidates – because they believe that they can more readily assess a person’s ‘fit’ with their organisation if they meet them face-to-face.

Overseas job expos

There are countries (mainly UK and Europe) which have a variety of job expos that provide employers with the chance to meet skilled workers who are looking to move abroad. If you are new to recruiting from overseas, these expos can be a great way to meet possible candidates. Make sure the event organisers actively market your roles to ensure that a good number of people with the skills you are seeking attend the event.

Down Under Live and Working International both actively hold job expos in the UK.

Down Under Live

Working International

Host your own events overseas

You may prefer to run your own events overseas. These could be either evening seminars or meet-and-greet events, which are often set up as an ‘add-on’ to overseas travel for other reasons such as a business meeting or conference. There are obvious advantages in hosting your own recruitment event, but be aware that as well as organising the event, you will need to look after venue costs and promotion.

We may be able to provide support for your overseas marketing activity by:

  • promoting your trip to migrants who have registered their interest in living and working in New Zealand
  • providing support collateral
  • providing you with advice before you go

Contact Immigration New Zealand’s Marketing team

Top tips for attending overseas events

  1. Marketing is critical – plan in advance so quality candidates attend
  2. Let Immigration New Zealand know – we can provide marketing support and advice, and help you to find skilled workers in overseas markets
  3. At expos, create clear signage for your stand outlining who you are and the skills you are looking for
  4. Have a clear idea about how to identify candidates and measure return on investment
  5. Be ready to hire – plan to interview while you’re over there.

Immigration support at offshore events

Immigration New Zealand can assist you when recruiting offshore by giving you access to support materials that help you convey what it’s like to live and work in New Zealand, and to provide information on the visa process. We can provide:

  • Videos and still images
  • Printed brochures