Complaining about INZ services and processes

You can lodge a complaint about a service you received from us or if you think we did not follow the correct process. Search the website or call the contact centre for information about visa applications.

What you can complain about

We have a process called the Complaint and Feedback Process.

We investigate complaints about:

  • any service you received from us — for example providing information that was incorrect or misleading in forms or on this website
  • any service you received from a panel physician or clinic
  • any process failures, where we did not follow our own instructions or processes — for example when:
    • we did not communicate with you clearly
    • you were not treated with courtesy or respect
  • any response to previous complaints that you believe did not fully answer your complaint.

Suggestions and compliments

You can use this process to make suggestions for improvements, give us a compliment or provide other feedback.

What you cannot complain about

You  cannot use the Complaints and Feedback Process to:

  • enquire about individual visa applications
  • make a general immigration query
  • dispute a decision we have made about a visa application, or
  • complain about New Zealand's immigration policy, including new policy decisions.

Managed Isolation and Quarantine complaints

Immigration New Zealand does not manage complaints about Managed Isolation and Quarantine.

Complaints procedure - Managed Isolation and Quarantine

Immigration and visa queries

For queries, search our website for information or call the Contact Centre.

Waiting for a visa

Contact us

Appealing a visa decision

There are different processes for appealing visa decisions, depending on whether you applied for:

  • a temporary visa as a visitor, student or for work, or
  • a residence visa — you must appeal within 42 days of the decision.

How to get a temporary visa decision reviewed

Make an appeal | Immigration & Protection Tribunal

How to make a complaint

Complete our online form.

Online feedback form

Before submitting the form to us, you must read and understand the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

Complaining for someone else

If you are complaining or providing feedback for someone else, you need to attach an Authority to Act. This tells us that you have their approval. If you do not send us your Authority to Act we may not be able to investigate your complaint.

What we need from you

It is easier for us to investigate your complaint if you:

  • clearly explain the reasons for your complaint
  • provide any extra information we ask for after you have submitted the form
  • act honestly and treat us with courtesy and respect — we will do the same for you.

If you cannot use the online form

Download and complete our paper form.

Complaints form PDF 243KB

Post it or email it to us.

Central Feedback Team — Immigration New Zealand
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
PO Box 1473
Wellington 6140


Only complaints forms are received at this email address. Do not use it for general queries.

How we process complaints

INZ's Central Feedback Team process all complaints. They:

  • log the complaint
  • assess it to make sure it is a complaint we can investigate
  • contact you if they need more information
  • assign the complaint to staff within INZ with the expertise to answer it.

INZ Complaints and Feedback Process PDF 955KB

If we do not accept your complaint

If we decide not to investigate your complaint, we will let you know why — usually within 3 days. Sometimes we suggest other ways to take the matter further.

For example, complaints will not be accepted if:

  • you are making a query about a visa
  • we do not know who has complained
  • you are complaining on behalf of someone else and did not send an Authority to Act
  • it is not written in or translated to English.

INZ Complaints and Feedback Policy PDF 220KB

Expect a response within 25 working days

If your complaint is complex or more than one issue, we may need more time to resolve it. If this happens, we will let you know.