Feedback about the service provided by INZ Service and process complaints

If you’re not happy with the service you’ve received from us, or you think we’ve failed to follow our own processes, we’d like to hear about it. We have a dedicated process to deal with your concerns, which we call the Complaint and Feedback Process. This also includes any complaint about a panel physician or clinic.

Under the Complaint and Feedback Process, we review complaints about:

  • any service you received from us
  • the time it took us to process your application or provide any other service
  • any process failures, where we didn’t follow our own immigration instructions or processes
  • any time we didn’t communicate with you clearly
  • any time you believe you weren't treated with courtesy or respect
  • any poor quality INZ facilities, for example offices
  • any poor quality information, for example webpages or forms
  • any service you received from a panel physician or clinic
  • any response to previous complaints.

We also accept compliments and review suggestions on how we can improve our service and/or processes. When providing feedback, please provide as many specific details as possible so we can forward your comments to the correct place.

If you disagree with a decision

If you want an Immigration New Zealand decision overturned (for example, in relation to a visa application or a request for a visa under section 61 of the Immigration Act), but can't point to any process or services failures, then our complaints and feedback process cannot assist you. If you do think there were process failures and you have a formal right of appeal or reconsideration, it is likely Immigration New Zealand will not investigate the complaint. You should instead use one of the following options to review the decision:

If we decline your... you can...

temporary visa application

ask INZ (through the INZ local office) to reconsider our decision as long as:

  • you're still lawfully in New Zealand
  • you request reconsideration within 14 days of the decision.

Request reconsideration of a declined visa

resident visa application

appeal within 42 days of the decision to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal

Immigration and Protection Tribunal


How to provide feedback

If you want to provide feedback, the easiest way is to use the online feedback form.

Online feedback form

Important: If you are providing feedback on behalf of someone else, you will need to attach an Authority to Act.

Timeframes for resolving complaints

When we receive complaints we aim to respond within 25 working days. If your complaint is complex or about more than one issue, we may need more time to resolve your complaint. If this happens, we will let you know.

Assessing complaints

The service principles of our Complaints and Feedback Process are:

  • commitment and customer focus
  • local resolution
  • fairness and confidentiality
  • openness
  • responsiveness and communication
  • professionalism.

What we need from you

It’ll make it easier for us to resolve your complaint if you:

  • clearly identify the grounds for your complaint
  • provide any extra information we ask for
  • act honestly and treat us with courtesy and respect – we’ll do the same for you.

Other ways to send your feedback

If you are unable to submit your feedback through the online feedback form, you can use our paper form and email or post it to us.

Online feedback form

Paper feedback form PDF 243KB

Central Feedback Team – Immigration New Zealand
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
PO Box 1473
Wellington 6140

Further information

If you would like to read more information about our policy and process, you may do so here:

INZ Complaints and Feedback Policy PDF 214KB

INZ Complaints and Feedback Process PDF 397KB

Terms and conditions

Before submitting feedback to us, you must read and understand these terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions