NZeTA communications toolkit

The information in this toolkit is designed to help organisations in the tourism industry communicate to their customers about the NZeTA.

From 1 October 2019, many visitors coming to New Zealand must request and pay for an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) before they travel. Airlines, cruiselines, travel agents and other organisations in the tourism industry should tell their customers about this change.

Information about NZeTA

The primary purpose of introducing the NZeTA is to improve border security and prevent anyone who may pose a potential security risk from entering New Zealand.

Communicating with your customers

We have prepared a toolkit which includes content you can drop into your customer communications, so travellers who are affected by the NZeTA are made aware of the new requirement. Telling your customers about the NZeTA will help minimise confusion and disruption when they travel to New Zealand from 1 October 2019.

Communication tools

NZeTA website and email content DOCX 85KB

NZeTA information sheet for travellers — available in 11 languages

NZeTA information for cruise ship passengers PDF 158KB

NZeTA information sheet for the tourism industry PDF 139KB

NZeTA print magazine advert (A4, print-ready) PDF 2MB

NZeTA pull up banner stand artwork (850mm x 2000mm, print-ready) PDF 6MB

Design tools

NZeTA communication guidelines – including logo use restrictions PDF 866KB

NZeTA logo suite ZIP 15MB

Check in for updates

This page will be updated with additional content when they become available. Check back regularly or sign up to our tourism industry mailing list to receive NZeTA updates.

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How you can use the toolkit

We have some suggestions for how you can make the most of the content in our toolkit.

  • Distribute copies of the tourism industry information sheet to your staff, and others you work with.
  • Give the traveller information sheet to your customers. Display printed copies at travel agencies, cruise ports or airports, such as at check-in counters and literature racks.
  • Communicate about the NZeTA in other regular updates to customers, such as newsletters, email updates and frequent flyer communications.
  • Add NZeTA information to:
    • pre-travel customer emails, such as booking confirmations, e-tickets and check-in reminders
    • your company’s website.
  • Direct travellers to our web information.

Information about NZeTA