eMedical physicians

INZ entered into partnership with Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada in the use of eMedical. eMedical is an online system for processing immigration medical examinations. It replaces our paper-based medical certificates. eMedical is used by both onshore and offshore physicians.

Onshore panel physicians

Onshore panel physicians only use eMedical to complete immigration medical examinations.

Visa applicants based in New Zealand who require a medical examination must only use the onshore panel physician network.

The onshore panel physician network lets us contact physicians and distribute information more easily. We can also improve the quality and consistency of medical assessments.  This is a better outcome for our customers.

If we decide to add new clinics to the network, to fill a regional gap or replace a clinic removed from the panel, then we’ll advertise this.

Requests for tenders will be notified on the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS)

Onshore Panel Physician Network – standing notice 

Offshore panel physicians

We aligned our panel physician network with Australia’s DIBP and each agency has shared responsibility for the network.

Visa applicants based outside New Zealand who require a medical examination must use one of our approved panel physicians. The only exception to this is applicants in countries without a panel physician.

The shared panel network reflects the needs of both INZ and DIBP. Panel physicians are confirmed between both agencies to make sure there’s sufficient capacity in high volume countries. We also make sure there’s coverage in countries where either agency has higher needs. New Zealand, for instance, requires greater coverage in South Pacific countries.

The shared network means we have a high-quality panel of physicians that are trained, audited and supported to provide consistent medical assessments. It also supports our international commitments alongside partner countries.