Find detailed visa information

Each visa has an associated factsheet, which brings together much of the visa information in one place. Visa factsheets are designed for expert users such as immigration advisers and lawyers.

How to find visa factsheets

You can access a factsheet directly from the ‘Find a visa factsheet’ search field found in the footer on each page.

Simply start to type a visa name or key word such as 'work' or 'skill' and after 3 letters it will match your input.

Select the visa you would like to view and wait for the visa to display.

Filters to customise information

Expert users may wish to see only the generic information displayed (which is the default view). But if a user selects some options from the dropdowns and click customise, the details throughout the visa facstheet will be filtered accordingly.

Example one

If you choose in filter 3 that the person you had in mind was not including anyone on their application, then the 'family' criteria would not show for that result.

Example two

If 'China' is selected from the passport filter, then there may be 'tips' within the criteria area that are specific to Chinese citizens and you will also see Chinese specific documents in the process & fees tab.