Settlement services we support

Immigration New Zealand provides reliable information for prospective migrants and new migrants already in New Zealand. We fund Non-Government Organisations to provide settlement information services. We also fund services for employers to help them recruit, settle and retain migrants.

Information services for migrants

New Zealand Now

INZ is responsible for providing accurate and accessible information to new migrants. INZ developed the New Zealand Now website as the key knowledge source for information on living and working in New Zealand. It includes both national and regional information, and lists places where migrants can get support to settle.

New Zealand Now

Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand

Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand (CABNZ) provides a face-to-face service that offers new migrants settlement information. This service is funded by INZ and is offered nationwide at 30 CABNZ offices.

Their services include seminars and workshops to inform new migrants about life in New Zealand. CABNZ also runs the Language Link service, which offers information by phone in more than 20 languages.

Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand

CABNZ offers a Language Link service

Chinese New Settlers Services Trust

The Chinese New Settlers Services Trust is funded to provide bi-lingual information to Chinese migrants. The Trust operates in centres across Auckland.

Chinese New Settlers Services Trust

Services that support employers of migrants

Most migrants come to a job when they arrive in New Zealand. Employers who have been unable to hire qualified New Zealanders turn to the skills that migrants offer. Despite that, there are still migrants looking for work. These are often the partners of skilled migrants, international students and, in some cases, their partners and some temporary migrants’ partners.

INZ provides a range of print and online resources to help employers attract, settle and retain migrants' skills in their workplace.

INZ also funds three programmes run through Chambers of Commerce to help match employers with migrants seeking work. The programmes also provide information to employers about settling and retaining skilled migrants.


Auckland Chamber of Commerce offers employment seminars and workshops that support job-seeking migrants. The Chamber also operates the New Kiwis website, which matches eligible skilled migrants with vacancies nationwide. Employers can select migrants from offshore who have skills they need, or migrants already in New Zealand who have an appropriate work visa.

Auckland Chamber of Commerce

New Kiwis 


The Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce provides job-matching and workshop services to local employers to help them recruit available, work-ready migrants and to help those migrants understand the Kiwi workplace and community.

Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce

Skilled Migrant Business Service


The Wellington Employers’ Chamber of Commerce offers a Skilled Newcomers Programme, which helps employers recruit work-ready skilled migrants. The programme offers seminars to recent migrants to help them understand the New Zealand work environment.

Wellington Chamber of Commerce

Skilled Newcomers Programme