National Migrant Consultations 2018

Consulting with migrants is a key part of our role in leading the New Zealand Government’s Migrant Settlement and Integration Strategy.

Aim of the consultations

In 2018 we consulted recent migrants throughout New Zealand about their experiences of settling and adjusting to life in New Zealand and their settlement service and information needs.

The migrant consultations were a great opportunity for recent migrants to engage with us and to help shape the future of settlement services and information.

The reports are intended to be a resource for everyone who works with recent migrants to help inform future areas of focus for settlement services and information.

The insights shared will help central government, local government and non-government settlement service providers to ensure that settlement services and information they provide are tailored to best support recent migrants’ needs.

Conclusions and report

The National Migrant Consultations 2018 report from MartinJenkins summarises the findings from the consultations.

It shows that:

  • the majority of recent migrants consulted were able to access the settlement services and information they needed, and
  • there are some key areas where access to information could be strengthened.

National Migrant Consultations 2018 PDF 3MB

Settlement stakeholder observations on the findings

We invited a group of settlement stakeholder organisations who have direct connections with recent migrants to share their observations on the findings from the consultations. Our aim was to establish whether the experiences of recent migrants that they have worked with reflect the experiences shared by recent migrants who took part in the consultations.

The settlement stakeholders’ observations support the key insights in the National Migrant Consultations 2018 report. The report also summarises the additional insights, perspectives and recommendations that settlement stakeholder organisations shared.

National Migrant Consultations 2018 — observations of settlement stakeholder organisations PDF 848KB

How we consulted

To gather information we:

  • spoke face to face with 286 recent migrants in 12 workshops
  • held 11 focus groups in 12 locations nationwide, and
  • invited recent migrants to complete our online questionnaire — we got 3347 responses.

How the 2017 Migrant Survey contributed to the consultations

Each year the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) conducts a Migrant Survey to build up evidence about recent migrants’ settlement and labour market experiences.

Migrant and community experiences of migration | MBIE

In the 2017 survey participants were asked what services and information would have been useful after they arrived in New Zealand. Responses to this question helped us to identify some of the focus areas for our 2018 Migrant Consultations, and meant we could explore the responses in more depth during consultation sessions.

The 2017 Migrant Survey: Settlement Information and Services report summarises MBIE’s findings on the settlement information and services questions in the 2017 Migrant Survey.

2017 Migrant Survey: Settlement Information and Services PDF 470KB