How the accreditation process will work

When you employ workers on the new temporary work visa, the first step is to get accreditation from us. This means we have approved you to employ migrant workers.

Changes to the current accreditation process

The Government has agreed the high-level policy for accreditation. From 2021 you must be accredited to employ migrants on the new temporary work visa.

Changes to temporary work visas

If you are a Talent Accredited Employer

Accreditation that lets you employ migrant workers on this new visa will be different from being a Talent Accredited Employer. We are working on a process for how you will move to the new accreditation.

How accreditation will change for Talent Accredited Employers

Keeping up to date with changes

Later in 2020 we will confirm how and when you need to be accredited and what it will cost. We will update this website as we develop the detailed rules and processes.

We are working through the details of:

  • how and when you will need to be accredited
  • how long the process will take
  • the cost
  • what evidence you need to provide as part of the application process, and
  • how we manage your accreditation status when you do not know how many workers you are going to employ in a year.

We will phase in accreditation so all employers do not need to have accreditation on the same day.

What we can tell you now

Some details, including the types of accreditation, have already been agreed.

Types of accreditation

There will be 3 levels of accreditation:

  • standard accreditation — this is for employers who hire between 1 and 5 migrant workers in a year
  • high-volume accreditation — this is for employers who want to hire 6 or more migrant workers in a year, and
  • labour hire employer accreditation.

Most employers will have standard accreditation and we plan to make it simple and quick to get accredited.

Standard accreditation

To get standard accreditation you must:

  • not be on a non-compliant stand-down list — a list of employers who have broken employment law
  • comply with any relevant industry or regulatory standards, and
  • have no history of non-compliance in your dealings with us.

High-volume and labour hire accreditation

As well as meeting the requirements for standard accreditation, high-volume employers will need to make commitments to:

  • training and upskilling New Zealanders, and
  • increasing wages and conditions for workers.

Labour hire companies will also be assessed for these commitments when they apply.

How long your accreditation will last

Standard and high-volume accreditation will last for 12 months initially and then 24 months on renewal. Employers with labour hire employer accreditation will need to renew it every 12 months.

How much it will cost to get accreditation

The cost of accreditation and the new visa are still being worked through and will reflect processing costs. We will make sure we let you know what they will be well in advance of the new policy being implemented.

Cost recovery plays a central role in our funding. A similar approach will be taken when setting fees for employer accreditation, to ensure that fees recover costs incurred.