Collaborating across Government

An enhanced mix of 13 cross-government services that support the five outcome areas of the New Zealand Migrant Settlement and Integration Strategy has been introduced from 1 July.

The new mix of funded settlement services includes a strong focus on strengthening service provision that contributes to the Strategy’s employment outcome area - particularly improving employment outcomes for the partners of skilled migrants.

Work Connect, a career-mentoring programme successfully piloted by Careers New Zealand in Auckland during 2016/17, will now run in Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton.

Work Connect website

Regional skills matching programmes that Immigration New Zealand currently funds the Chambers of Commerce in Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington to deliver are to be expanded.

Within the Education and Training outcome, the Ministry of Education’s Bilingual Support Worker programme for refugee school students is to expand to migrant students who are in the early stages of English language learning.

Within the Inclusion and Health and Well-Being outcomes, a notable initiative is the Tackling Casual Racism social media campaign led by the Human Rights Commission. In 2016, the campaign began with ThatsUs, which invited Kiwis to share their personal stories about racism, intolerance and hatred, as well as their hopes for the future of New Zealand as one of the most diverse countries in the world.

ThatsUs website

In June of this year the HRC launched phase two of the campaign, Give nothing to racism, featuring film director Taika Waititi.

Give nothing to racism website

Levy funding will support the NZ Police’s District Safety Patrols initiative in Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton. The Patrols, which involve migrant volunteers participating in community patrols and working alongside the Police, help migrants to feel safer in their communities and more comfortable about asking for help. After a pilot phase during 2016 the patrols are now operating successfully in Wellington.

INZ is also piloting the Welcoming Communities initiative, which will support local government in taking a greater role in ensuring local communities are welcoming towards migrants and refugees.

The revised Levy funding allocations have been agreed by Cabinet and Ministers. Immigration NZ’s Settlement Unit led the interagency process to determine the revised Levy funding allocations.