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Visa processing times may take longer from November to March Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is currently receiving high numbers of visa applications. This is likely to continue until March 2019.

This is normal for this time of year as the number of visitor and student visa applications go up because of summer and the beginning of a new academic year.

You can find recent processing times on the INZ website. These will help you work out how long it will take us to process your visa.

When you are making travel plans you need to take these processing times into account. Submit your application as early as possible to allow enough time for your application to be processed before the date you intend to travel.

If you are applying for a visitor, student and work visa it is faster and easier to apply online using the INZ website. You can upload supporting documents and photographs and pay for your application online.

To ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible you need to supply all relevant information with your application, including translations. If you do not supply the correct information this could hold up the processing of your visa.

You should wait until your application is completed before you finalise your travel plans. We cannot prioritise visa applications even if you have already purchased travel.

If your circumstances change or we exceed the processing time, you should contact INZ to talk about your application.

How long it takes to process your visa application