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Updated Essential Skills over and under supply lists Friday, 16 April 2021

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is making changes to the under and oversupply lists following a quarterly review of where the labour shortages are in New Zealand.

The lists are being changed to ensure that the oversupply and undersupply occupations are aligned to changes in labour market conditions. From 16 April 2021, Immigration New Zealand will use the updated lists to assess Essential Skills work visa applications that are paid below the median wage (currently $25.50 an hour) regardless of the date the application was submitted.

You can check the undersupply and oversupply lists on the Work and Income website.

Undersupply and oversupply lists | Work and income

MSD has also changed the regional structure of the under and oversupply lists, so the regions now match well-established territorial local authority areas. Roles are listed by industry type as well as locations within an area to make it quicker and easier for employers to find the information relevant to their business and to identify which area they are in.

Undersupply lists

From 16 April 2021, more roles will be added to the undersupply lists in a number of regions, which means that Skills Match Reports will not be needed with work visa applications that are paid below the median wage. Employers will still need to advertise their vacancies and demonstrate they have made genuine attempts to attract and recruit suitable New Zealanders.

A small number of roles will move off the undersupply list, which means Skills Match Reports will be needed for those roles to support Essential Skills work visa applications.

Oversupply lists

No roles will be added to the oversupply list for any region.

Several roles will be removed from the oversupply list for all regions. Employers will need to provide a Skills Match Report for roles paid below the median wage, unless the role is on the undersupply list.

Other changes

Other changes include adding the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) codes for each role to improve consistency and simplifying the steps for checking whether an employer needs a Skills Match Report.

The ongoing use of the lists will be reviewed, with the next review around mid-2021 if the lists are retained. Changes could be made earlier if there is a significant change to labour markets either nationally or regionally.

Work and Income manages the under and over supply lists and works to ensure New Zealanders are considered for job opportunities. Immigration New Zealand manages the visa application process.