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Unlicensed immigration agents active in China Monday, 16 September 2019

If you are applying for a visa in China do not use an unlicensed, undeclared agent to assist you with your visa application.

Who can help you with a visa application

People providing New Zealand immigration advice (whether they are in or outside of New Zealand) must be licensed, unless they are exempt from licensing.

Using a licensed immigration adviser

It is acceptable for someone who is not licensed (such as a friend or travel agent) to help with completion of the visa application form, as long as they declare their help on your application form. It is your responsibility, as an applicant, to ensure that if someone helps you with your application form they declare their assistance on the form.

Anyone who is not a Licensed Immigration Adviser, or exempt from licensing, cannot provide immigration advice i.e. use their knowledge of, or personal experience in immigration matters to advise, assist, direct or represent you in your visa application to Immigration New Zealand.

Always declare the help you get with your application

Immigration New Zealand is aware of cases where visa applicants have been cheated by unlicensed and undeclared agents. Applications involving ‘hidden’ agents include a false declaration and often contain fraudulent documents. We will decline those applications.

If you provide false or misleading information

Be honest in your visa application. Your application will not be approved if we find it contains false or misleading information and that will affect any future application you may make for a New Zealand visa.

We offer Chinese language information about applying for a visa to visit New Zealand.

申请旅游签证 Applying for a visitor visa





Using a licensed immigration adviser




若有人协助您的申请 请务必声明





申请旅游签证 Applying for a visitor visa