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Refugee Family Support Category: 2017 opening for tier two sponsor registrations Thursday, 19 October 2017

From 28–30 November 2017, we will accept registrations from people who wish to sponsor their family members under tier two of the Refugee Family Support Category.

The Refugee Family Support Category is designed to improve the settlement outcomes of refugees and protected people by providing them an opportunity to sponsor family members for New Zealand residence. Sponsors must register with us first and if their registration is selected their family may apply to come to New Zealand. Family members must not be eligible under any other residence category.

Refugee Family Support Category sponsor registrations are managed by a two tier system and each year a quota of 300 places is made available for family members of tier one and tier two sponsors.

The 2017 tier two registration period will open on Tuesday, 28 November and will close on Thursday, 30 November 2017. We will only accept registrations date stamped within this period by New Zealand Post, CourierPost or another registered delivery service. Registrations must be sent to:

Immigration New Zealand
PO Box 276118
Auckland 2241

Hand deliveries will not be accepted. Sponsors attempting to send registrations through services other than New Zealand Post or CourierPost should check in advance if delivery is possible.

People interested in sponsoring their family members should consult the information available:

Frequently asked questions PDF 584KB

Tier Two Factsheet PDF 231KB

Refugee Family Support Resident Visa