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Pathway Student Visa implementation on hold Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Due to COVID-19, and the closure of New Zealand’s border, Immigration New Zealand is delaying the permanent introduction of the Pathway Student Visa.


The Pathway Student Visa (PSV) was introduced as a pilot programme in 2015 to allow international students to undertake up to three study programmes at one or more eligible education providers, on a single visa.

Current status

Immigration New Zealand had planned to make the visa category permanent early in 2021. Due to eligibility requirements for the PSV it cannot be a permanent category until some time after the border has opened.

What you need to know

The current PSV instructions will remain. Providers who are part of the PSV can continue to support applications for students in New Zealand or those students who can apply for a PSV under a border exception. No new education providers will be added to the scheme at this time.

More details are available on the INZ website.

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