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The Parent Resident Visa will reopen with new requirements Monday, 7 October 2019

Applications for the Parent Resident Visa will open again from February 2020 with new criteria that applicants and sponsors must meet.

How the visa is changing

The visa with its current criteria is closed from 7 October 2019. It will reopen in February 2020 with new criteria.

We are not accepting expressions of interest (EOIs) until the visa reopens. We will start selecting EOIs in May 2020.

The changes we are making to the visa include:

  • limiting the number of people who can get the visa each year to 1000
  • standardising the expression of interest process and removing the 2-tier system
  • introducing new financial requirements for sponsors, which are updated every year based on the New Zealand median income
  • asking sponsors to provide evidence of their annual income through Inland Revenue tax statements, and show they have met the income requirement for 2 out of the 3 years before the visa application is lodged
  • removing the option to meet financial eligibility criteria through a parent’s guaranteed lifetime income or settlement funds.

New financial requirements

The new financial requirements for the Parent Resident Visa can only be met through the income of the sponsor and their partner.

Here is a comparison of the previous and the new financial requirements, based on a median salary of NZD $53,040:

Sponsor Previous New (expected income thresholds)

1 sponsor for 1 parent (sponsor’s income)

NZD $65,000

NZD $106,080

2 times the median salary

1 sponsor for 2 parents (sponsor’s income)

NZD $65,000

NZD $159,120

3 times the median salary

Sponsor and partner  for 1 parent  (joint income)

NZD $90,000

NZD $159,120

3 times the median salary

Sponsor and partner for 2 parents  (joint  income)

NZD $90,000

NZD $212,160

4 times the median salary

Guaranteed lifetime income of 1 applicant or of a couple

NZD $28,166 or
NZD $41,494

Not available in new parent category

Settlement funds

NZD $500,000

Not available in new parent category

If you have already submitted an expression of interest (EOI)

Some people who have already submitted an EOI will not meet the new eligibility criteria. If you have a current EOI with us, we will email you and invite you to either update your EOI or withdraw it. People who withdraw their EOIs will be eligible for a fee refund.

When we begin selecting EOIs in May 2020, we will select them based on the date we originally received them, regardless of whether they were submitted under Tier 1 or Tier 2.

More information about the visa changes, including how to withdraw an EOI and get a refund, is available on our website.

Changes to the Parent Resident Visa ⁠— applications reopen in 2020