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Improved visa conditions for diplomats and officials from Pacific Islands Forum countries 9 December 2022

The Minister of Immigration announced a streamlined approach to applying visa conditions for Visitor Visa applications for diplomatic and official passport holders from Pacific Islands Forum countries.

Given New Zealand’s strong relationship with Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Countries and Kiribati, there was a need to provide greater clarity and consistency regarding visa conditions for PIF country diplomatic and official passport holders.

The changes include diplomatic and official passport holders from PIF countries generally receiving a Visitor Visa with multiple entry conditions for a period of 3 years, allowing a maximum stay of 6 months each visit (unless there is reason not to grant such a visa).

These changes are now in effect.

We have also revised the approach for Visitor Visa applications from those seeking to travel from PIF countries to New Zealand for business.

We will consider granting a 3 year multiple entry visa for Business Visitor Visa applicants who:

  • are from PIF countries (and Kiribati)
  • have genuine reasons to regularly travel to New Zealand, and
  • have a history of travel to New Zealand.

Improved visa conditions for frequent official visitors from Pacific Island Forum Countries | Beehive website