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Immigration fees and levies changes Monday, 1 October 2018

New fees and levies will take effect from Monday, 5 November 2018.

Immigration fees and levies are reviewed regularly to ensure they accurately reflect the cost incurred in providing immigration services. New fees and levies have now been confirmed, following public consultation earlier in the year. The new fees and levies will take effect from Monday, 5 November 2018.

Summary of changes

Although some fee types are decreasing, the net effect may be different to that set out in the table below as discounts are being removed for work, student and visitor visa applications made online.

Visa type Change
Work visas (excluding Recognised Seasonal Employers and Working Holiday work visas) + 54 per cent
Student visas – 6.5 per cent
Group visitor visas – 45 per cent
Business/skilled visas – 1 per cent
Other visas + 10 per cent
Immigration levies + 43 per cent


Specific charges that will apply are detailed in our schedule of fees and levies.

Schedule of new fees and levies PDF 47KB

Fee regulations

Levy regulations

The fees tool on the INZ website will be updated on 5 November

We’ll update the information on this website about fees and levies once they take effect on 5 November.

Fees, decision times & where to apply

What happens if my application is received by INZ before 5 November, but not processed until after?

The fee and levy you pay is based on when INZ receives your application.

If you are applying online, the fee charged is the fee that is in force at the time you reach the online payment screen. For example, if you start your application on 4 November, but don’t complete it until after midnight New Zealand time, then the new fee and levy will apply.