Extensions for NZ resident visa holders overseas Friday, 11 September 2020

Resident visa holders currently outside New Zealand whose travel conditions are about to expire will get an extension or new visa.

The Minister of Immigration recognises New Zealand's current border restrictions have significantly impacted offshore visa holders, especially those unable to travel here to start their new resident visa or those with a resident visa recently expired or expiring soon. 

The Government recognises these people have recently met residence criteria and would be contributing to New Zealand had they arrived or returned before travel was limited earlier this year. 

The Minister will use new powers to grant offshore resident visa holders whose travel conditions are about to expire a 12-month visa extension. Those whose travel conditions expired on or after 2 February 2020 will be issued a new visa, valid for 12 months. 

If you were granted your resident visa overseas and have never used it to travel to New Zealand, you will still need permission from us before you can travel. 

Border restrictions: who can enter New Zealand