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Parent Category quarterly selection - 16 August 2016 Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Every 3 months, we draw enough Parent Category expressions of interest to fill the number of available places under the New Zealand Residence Programme. The results of recent draws are detailed here.

The remaining selections of Expressions of Interest (EOIs) under the Parent Category from July 2016 to 30 June 2017 are scheduled to take place in August and November 2016, and February and May 2017.

The number of places available in each selection draw depends on the number of places available under the New Zealand Residence Programme.

Under current Immigration Instructions, R6.5, there are a total of 11,000 people available for approval under the Capped Family categories. Because there remain a small proportion of people awaiting an outcome of their Parent Sibling and Adult Child applications lodged on or before 16 May 2012, the total places available is therefore just under 11,000.

Due to the capped nature and global demand for Parent Category Residence and the number of applications lodged prior to 16 May 2012, Immigration New Zealand will not be selecting all Tier 1 EOIs from each draw to June 2017. Current forecasts suggest we will be able to select around 750 Tier One EOIs each draw. Moreover, for the same reasons, it is unlikely that any Tier Two EOIs will be selected between now and June 2017.

EOIs not selected in one draw will remain in the pool available for selection for future draws. Fees paid for admission to the pool are administration fees only and are not refundable should an EOI not be selected. We shall continue to monitor the situation.

16 August 2016 draw

A selection of EOIs under the Parent Category took place on 16 August 2016. The results are as follows:

  Number of EOIs Number of people
Tier One EOIs selected 779 1,298

All Tier-One EOIs received and accepted on or before 30 October 2015 were selected.

As a result, 779 EOIs representing 1,298 people were selected and will now undergo preliminary verification to determine if an Invitation to Apply for Residence will be issued.

A total of 3,540 EOIs accepted after 30 October 2015 remain and are available for selection in the next draw.

For more information see our factsheet.

16 August 2016 Family Parent NZRP fact sheet PDF 478KB

Update - Parent Category closure:  As of 11 October 2016, the Parent Category has been closed, and there will be no draws from the Parent Category EOI Pool until further notice.

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