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Changes to Talent Accreditation timeframes Monday, 14 August 2017

The duration of Talent Accreditations will be extended for applications submitted from 28 August 2017.

The change is intended to reflect the relatively low level of risk associated with applications for accreditation and has been designed based on feedback from accredited employers. See FAQ’s relating to the change below.

Questions and answers

How long will employers be granted accreditation for under the new instructions?

Most applicants will receive accreditation for a two year period.  Applicants for renewal will receive accreditation for a five year period where they:

  • have held accreditation continuously for the two years immediately preceding the application; and
  • have demonstrated to an immigration officers satisfaction that they will continue to meet all requirements of accreditation for a further five years. 

Will employers be required to meet any additional requirements to receive an extended accreditation period?

The requirements of accreditation remain the same. Applicants must still demonstrate that they:

  • are in a sound financial position; and
  • have human resource policies and processes which are of a high standard; and
  • have a demonstrable commitment to training and employing New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders; and
  • have good workplace practices, including a history of compliance with all immigration and employment New Zealand laws.

The policy now more clearly explains the specific factors and evidence that INZ uses to determine whether each of the above requirements have been met.

Will fees be increased as a result of the extended duration?

Accreditation fees will remain the same initially but all INZ fees are subject to regular review.

Will Immigration New Zealand contact employers during the course of their accreditation?

We have introduced the capacity to conduct audits of accredited employers during accreditation periods to ensure that they continue to meet requirements throughout a term of accreditation. Where concerns are identified as part of an audit an employer will be given an opportunity to address these prior to a decision being made on whether the accreditation can remain in place.

Are there any other significant changes?

Requirements have been clarified to confirm subsidiary companies can now no longer be included under a parent companies accreditation. If an organisation wishes to be accredited it has to apply in its own right.

Do these changes also apply to Labour Hire Accreditation?

Changes to duration only apply to Accreditations under the Talent (Accredited Employer) scheme. Changes detailing specific factors that INZ will give consideration to when determining whether each of the requirements of accreditation have been met and the clarification regarding subsidiary companies apply to both Talent and Labour Hire Accreditation.