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Critical purpose visa expansion enables Australian partner reunion Thursday, 10 September 2020

Approved Australians seeking to reunite with a New Zealand citizen or resident partner can request entry from early October.

Previously only Australians accompanied by their New Zealand partner, or those who normally live here, could travel.  

The Government is creating an avenue for Australian partners to request a visa allowing travel to New Zealand.

Australian partners will be charged NZD $45 for the entry request but will not be required to pay a visa application fee.

If approved you will be granted a visa to travel to New Zealand.  On arrival you will receive a resident visa, as New Zealand partners can be granted in our reciprocal arrangement with Australia.  

You may include a request to travel with dependent children in your application. 

Partners from visa waiver countries

Partners from visa waiver countries will be required to pay the NZD $45 entry request fee and, if invited to apply, can make an application for a Critical Purpose Visitor visa. An application fee will apply.