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INZ investigation over Filipino dairy workers Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) can confirm that it is investigating multiple work visa applications involving Filipino dairy workers.

INZ Assistant General Manager Peter Elms says the issue came to light when staff noticed issues over false claims of work experience on visa applications submitted by some Filipino nationals working on dairy farms in the South Island.

INZ has completed a review of recent work visa applications from Filipino nationals linked to the dairy industry. The investigation is ongoing and INZ is working closely with the dairy industry, the Ministry of Social Development and the Filipino authorities to manage the situation. 

“INZ is still processing visas from Filipino dairy workers and is continuing to approve individual applications,” Mr Elms says. “INZ wants to reiterate that dairy workers onshore remaining with the same employer are not being disadvantaged by any delay in processing their applications as their current immigration status is being preserved by the grant of interim visas.”

As the investigation is ongoing, INZ is unable to make any further comment.