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Company and director fined $14,400 for use of illegal migrant labour Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Ace Steel Beam Limited and its sole director, Linan Sun, have been charged and fined for breaches of the Immigration Act 2009 for illegal employment of migrant workers.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) General Manager Verification and Compliance, Stephen Vaughan, says the prosecution is the result of an investigation launched by INZ, after uncovering information about Auckland-based Ace Steel Beam Limited’s employment practices in October 2018. 

“Following an investigation and site visit, INZ discovered four people working illegally for the business. Two were on visitor visas, and the other two were unlawfully in the country.

“Immigration laws are clear. People on visitor visas are not entitled to work in New Zealand, and people wanting to work here must hold a work visa. It is illegal for employers to breach these rules.”

Ace Steel Beam Limited was fined $1,800 for six charges, $10,800 in total for allowing migrants to work illegally in New Zealand under s350(1)(a) of the Immigration Act 2009. The company’s sole director, Linan Sun, was convicted on four charges of Aiding and Abetting under s343(1)(d) of the Immigration Act 2009 and fined $900 on each charge, totalling $3,600.

During the sentencing, the Court commented that company directors involved in illegal actions should not escape liability. Mr Vaughan says the prosecution sends a clear message to employers about the risks of using illegal labour.

“INZ takes this type of offending seriously and will not hesitate to prosecute employers, companies and its directors who flout the law.”

INZ encourages anyone who is aware of the illegal use of migrant labour to contact the MBIE Service Centre 0800 20 90 20.

Alternatively, they can report an issue anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, or via an online Crimestoppers form.