Quarantine-free travel to Australia

Quarantine-free travel if you are on a temporary visa.


Border rules can change quickly. Travellers must prepare for disruption to their plans.

If you plan to travel to Australia and return to New Zealand you must meet the visa and entry requirements for Australia before you travel, and have a valid New Zealand visa to return to New Zealand.

Leaving New Zealand

To be eligible for quarantine-free travel, travellers must:  

  • spend 14 days before they depart in either Australia or New Zealand
  • not had a positive COVID-19 test result, or, for those who tested positive, have written advice from a health practitioner declaring that they are no longer infectious  
  • not be awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test.  

You must be prepared to stay longer if the situation changes. 

You must meet Australian immigration and health requirements.  

Register your travel | SafeTravel.govt.nz  

Returning to New Zealand

You must meet New Zealand immigration requirements to return to New Zealand. Your visa conditions must allow you to re-enter New Zealand. You will not be allowed to enter New Zealand on a visa that expires if quarantine-free travel is suspended.

Be prepared for the possibility that your return could be delayed. You must prepare for disruption to your plans. 

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