Essential Skills Work Visa changes

The Essential Skills Work Visa closed to new applications on 4 July 2022 and has been replaced by the Accredited Employer Work Visa. This information about updated settings to Essential Skills visas in response to COVID-19 is for partners and dependent children of existing Essential Skills Work Visa holders or applicants.

Making an application for a visa based on your relationship to an existing Essential Skills work visa holder or applicant (partners and dependent children)

From 5 August 2021, the requirement to provide medical and police certificates has been removed for partners and dependent children who are in New Zealand and:

  • are applying for a work, student or visitor visa based on their relationship to an existing Essential Skills visa holder or applicant, and
  • provided medical and police certificates to Immigration New Zealand with a previous visa application.

If you have just obtained medical or police certificates for your visa application, you can choose to still submit them.

You can apply using the paper forms for a partner (Partnership-Based Temporary Visa Application, INZ 1198) or for a dependent child (Student Visa Application INZ 1012, or Visitor Visa Application INZ 1017).

If you use a paper form, use the most recent version of the form to avoid processing delays.

Student Visa Application (INZ 1012) PDF 450KB

Visitor Visa Application (INZ 1017) PDF 397KB

Partnership-based Temporary Visa Application (INZ 1198) PDF 332KB

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