You are a student

Visa and work information for student visa holders already in New Zealand.

Visa information

Apply for a new visa or a variation of conditions if you:

  • have completed your studies
  • are unable to complete your studies
  • want to extend your course, or
  • want to change your course or education provider.

Normal fees apply.

Visa information when you are in New Zealand

Study information

Attendance in different traffic light settings

Student visa conditions require you to attend the place of study endorsed on your visa.

Under the red traffic light setting your education provider may choose to deliver your course online to manage the risks of COVID-19 in the community. In this situation you may study online. Follow the advice of the Ministry of Health and your education provider.

If you or members of your household are unwell, follow your education provider’s advice.

Work information

Flexible working conditions for international students

Flexible working conditions for migrant workers in healthcare and supermarkets under the COVID-19 Protection Framework red and orange zone settings have been extended until 31 January 2023.

This extension includes any work associated with the supply of goods to, from, or within a supermarket operating in an area under COVID-19 Protection Framework red or orange zone settings undertaken by a student or work visa holder, or interim visa holder (who held a student or work visa immediately prior to the interim visa) and who was an employee of that supermarket on the day immediately prior to the region entering red or orange zones.

The extension includes COVID-19 vaccinators or testers and visa holders employed as a critical health worker who worked for their employer on the day before the area entered a red or orange zone.

Post-study work visa eligibility

Current requirements for post-study work visa applications still apply - at least 30 weeks full-time study in New Zealand for qualifications at level 7 and above on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, or at least 60 weeks full-time study in New Zealand for student hours qualifications at levels 4 to 6.

Changes are being made to the Post Study Work Visa settings. If you applied for your student visa after 11 May 2022, your qualification may not be acceptable under the new rules. More information will be available about the new visa settings later in 2022.