Restrictions on travel from very high risk countries

Only New Zealand citizens and their immediate family may travel here from very high risk countries.

Travel to New Zealand remains strictly controlled to reduce the risk from COVID-19. Countries that are currently classified as very high risk include:

  • Brazil,
  • Fiji,
  • India,
  • Indonesia,
  • Pakistan, and
  • Papua New Guinea

Travellers eligible for entry from these countries include New Zealand citizens, their partners, dependent children, the parent of a dependent child who is a New Zealand citizen, and those with significant humanitarian reasons. All non-New Zealand citizens must hold a valid visa to enter New Zealand

Travellers must have both your COVID-19 test sample taken and your result returned within 72 hours of your scheduled departure time.

Pre-departure tests to enter New Zealand |

Other travellers, including New Zealand residents, can enter only if they spend 14 days outside a very high risk country before their arrival here. Transit through a very high risk country is excluded from the 14-day requirement.

Managed isolation and quarantine |

Restrictions on travel to New Zealand from very high risk countries |