Visa Programme information

Visa information for migrants and refugees currently outside of New Zealand. Including Skilled Migrant Category, Working Holiday visas, Samoan Quota Programme, Pacific Access Category and the Refugee Quota Programme.

Temporary postponement of visa programmes

Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa and the Parent Resident Visa

Selection of Expressions of Interests (EOI) for the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa and the Parent Resident Visa has been postponed. 

EOIs are normally valid for 6 months from when you submitted it or until there is a selection. If you submitted an EOI after the last selection on 18 March 2020, your EOI will remain valid until we begin selecting EOIs again, even if this happens more than 6 months after you submitted the EOI.

Working Holiday visas

All capped Working Holiday visas are postponed until further notice.

Uncapped Working Holiday visas, for example those applying under United Kingdom, Germany and the United States schemes, remain open to people who are in New Zealand.

Pacific Access Category and Samoan Quota programme

The Pacific Access Category and Samoan Quota have been postponed indefinitely.  

Refugee Quota Programme

Refugee resettlement under the Refugee Quota Programme is resuming on a limited basis. Quota refugees will start to arrive in New Zealand from early February in small family groups for resettlement.

To manage the impact on available spaces at managed isolation facilities, the number of new refugee quota arrivals will be planned and coordinated between Immigration New Zealand and the Managed Isolation and Quarantine agency (MIQ).

Refugees who arrive in New Zealand under the Refugee Quota Programme are granted Permanent Residence status in New Zealand and will not pay MIQ fees.

Health and safety infection control processes are already in place to manage arrivals at Auckland International Airport and for travel to managed isolation facilities. During the managed isolation stay, COVID-19 infection control measures and processes, and a testing regime will be in place.

New Zealand Refugee Quota Programme