If you have a work to residence visa

If you cannot complete the requirement to work in New Zealand because of the border closure you may be able to reapply and work through to residence on your return.

Talent (Accredited Employer) or Long Term Skill Shortage List work visas

Both of these visas are closing for most applicants on 31 October 2021, but if you have been stuck outside New Zealand due to the COVID-19 border closure, they will remain open for you to reapply on your return.

Criteria for reapplications

You need to have:

If your visa has since expired you can reapply if you meet these criteria.

Your job offer can be from any accredited employer, the employer who supported your initial work to residence visa application, or an employer whose accreditation expired after 31 March 2021.

The 2 years work for residence allowed by these visas restarts with the new application.

This does not guarantee you can enter New Zealand

You need to wait until you can return to New Zealand before you can reapply.

You will only be granted a border exception if you meet the criteria for one — otherwise you need to wait until the border reopens.