If you are a visa waiver traveller

If you are a visa waiver traveller you can travel to New Zealand without needing to apply for a border exception.

 To enter New Zealand as a visa waiver traveller you must: 

  • meet the criteria for visa waiver travel, and
  • still meet the conditions under which your visa was granted, and
  • hold a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA), if required.

Travellers who do not need an NZeTA

Visa waiver travel 

You can enter New Zealand as a visa waiver traveller if you are either: 

  • from a visa waiver country
  • an Australian citizen, permanent resident or return visa holder
  • a member of a visiting force or its civilian employees carrying out your duty or employment
  • travelling to Antarctica on a scientific programme or expedition under the Antarctic Treaty.

Visa waiver countries and territories

Information about the NZeTA

COVID-19 testing and vaccination requirements

You must meet all COVID-19 health requirements to enter New Zealand, including being fully vaccinated. Before travelling, check the COVID-19 website for guidance on:

Pre-departure tests to enter New Zealand | covid19.govt.nz 

Vaccination requirements for travel to New Zealand | covid19.govt.nz 

How to enter New Zealand | covid19.govt.nz