Reopening the New Zealand border

The international border is open and eligible travellers are now able to apply for a visa.

The international border is now open. Student, visitor and work visa applications are open.

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The maritime border is now open, and eligible travellers can enter New Zealand by sea.

Visa waiver travellers and work, working holiday, visitor and student visa holders can leave and return to New Zealand, if their visa conditions allow for this.


Before you can travel to New Zealand you must hold a valid visa or NZeTA.

Information about the NZeTA 

Border exceptions phased out from 31 July 2022

Requests for most border exceptions are closed. Requests for deep-sea fishing crews closed on 30 October 2022. Requests remain open for seafood processors. 

You will only be issued an invitation to apply for a visa if you make a request before the relevant exception closes.

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