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BI3.15 Implications of providing false or misleading information (04/07/2005)

Immigration Act 1987 ss13, 34G

  1. The Immigration Act 1987 provides that:
    1. the provision of false or misleading information as part of an Expression of Interest or associated submission; or
    2. the withholding of relevant, potentially prejudicial information from an Expression of Interest or associated submission; or
    3. failure to advise a visa or immigration officer of any fact or material change in circumstances that occurs after an Expression of Interest is lodged that may affect a decision to invite the person to apply for residence or to grant a residence visa or permit,

    is sufficient grounds for the decline of an application for residence and for the revocation of a residence visa or permit that has been issued or granted.

  2. For the purposes of this policy, information relating to a claim made in an Expression of Interest that is factually inaccurate and is relevant to the issuing of an Invitation to Apply or the assessment of a residence application, will be considered misleading.

Note: Any references to visa or immigration officer may be substituted with business immigration specialist.

Effective 04/07/2005


BI3.1 Expressing interest in being invited to apply under the Investor Category (04/07/2005)

BI3.5 Submission of Expressions of Interest (04/07/2005)

BI3.10 Invitation to Apply for residence under the Investor Category (04/07/2005)

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