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BI3.5 Submission of Expressions of Interest (04/07/2005)

Immigration Act 1987 s13B (3A) (b)

  1. Expressions of Interest submitted in the prescribed manner may be accepted for consideration if the person expressing interest:
    1. has confirmed that the prescribed health and character requirements have been met as none of the people included in their Expression of Interest are people who:
      • are described in section 7(1) of the Immigration Act 1987 (see A5.20); or
      • would not be granted a medical waiver (see A4.60); and
    2. has confirmed that they meet the minimum standard of English (see BI5.15); and
    3. has a minimum of five years of business experience (see BI6); and
    4. legally owns and is prepared to invest NZ$2 million of unencumbered funds in New Zealand for five years (see BI7);
    5. is aged 54 years or younger (see BI5).
  2. If an Expression of Interest does not meet these policy requirements then no Invitation to Apply can be made.
  3. All claims made in the Expression of Interest will need to be supported by documentary evidence if an Invitation to Apply is issued and an application for residence under the Investor Category is made.

Effective 04/07/2005


BI3.1 Expressing interest in being invited to apply under the Investor Category (04/07/2005)

BI3.10 Invitation to Apply for residence under the Investor Category (04/07/2005)

BI3.15 Implications of providing false or misleading information (04/07/2005)

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